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People see a chiropractor for a variety of reasons. Some go for relief of pain, some to correct the cause of pain and others for correction of whatever is malfunctioning in their body. Your doctor will weigh your needs and desires when recommending your care program. Please check the type of care desired so that we may be guided by your wishes whenever possible.

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I hereby authorize the Doctor to work with my condition through the use of adjustments to my spine, as he or she deems appropriate. I clearly understand and agree that all services rendered me are charged directly to me and that I am personally responsible for payment. I agree that I am responsible for all bills incurred at this office. The Doctor will not be held responsible for any pre-existing medically diagnosed conditions nor for any medical diagnosis. I also understand that if I suspend or terminate my care, any fees for professional services rendered me will become immediately due and payable. I hereby authorize assignment of my insurance rights and benefits (if applicable) directly to the provider for services rendered. I understand and agree that health and accident insurance policies are an arrangement between an insurance carrier and myself. I understand that the Doctor’s Office will prepare any necessary reports and forms to assist me in collecting from the insurance company and that any amount authorized to be paid directly to the Doctor’s Office will be credited to my account on receipt. Ownership of X-ray Films: It is understood and agreed that the payments to the Doctor for X-rays is for examination of X-rays only. The X-ray negative will remain the property of the office. They are kept on file where they may be seen at any time while I am a patient at this office. When a patient seeks chiropractic care and we accept such a patient for care, it is essential for both to be working towards the same objective. Chiropractic has only one goal. It is only when the patient understand both the objective and the method that will be able to attain it. This will prevent any confusion or disappointment. An adjustment is the specific application of forces to facilitate the body’s correction of vertebral subluxation. Our chiropractic method of correction is by specific adjustments to the spine. Health is a state of optimal physical, mental and social well being, not merely the absence of disease. Vertebral Subluxation is a misalignment of one or more of the joints of the body. This can cause pain or alteration of nerve function and interference of the transmission of nerve impulses, lessening the body’s innate ability to maintain maximal health. We do not offer to diagnose or treat any disease or condition other than vertebral subluxation. However, if during the course of a chiropractic spinal evaluation, we encounter non-chiropractic or unusual findings, we will advise you. If you desire advice, diagnosis or treatment for those findings, we will recommend that you seek the services of a health care provider who specializes in that area. Regardless of what the disease is called, we do not offer to treat it. Nor do we offer advice regarding treatment prescribed by others. OUR ONLY PRACTICE OBJECTIVE is to eliminate a major interference to the expression of the body’s innate wisdom. Our only method is specific adjusting to correct vertebral subluxation. I have read and fully understand the above statement. Any questions regarding the doctor’s objectives pertaining to my care in this office have been answered to my complete satisfaction. I therefore accept chiropractic care on this basis. Protecting the privacy of your personal health information is important to us. Disclosure of your protected health information without authorization is strictly limited to defined situations that include emergency care, quality assurance activities, public health, research, and law enforcement activities. Any other disclosures for the purposes of treatment, payment or practice operations will be made only after obtaining your consent. You may request restrictions on your disclosures. You may inspect and receive copies of your records within 30 days with a request. You may request to view changes to your records. In the future, we may contact you for appointment reminders, announcements and to inform you about our practice and its staff. I understand that, under the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), I have certain rights to privacy regarding my protected health information. I understand that this information can and will be used to: Conduct, plan and direct my treatment and follow up with multiple healthcare providers who may be involved in that treatment directly or indirectly. Obtain payment from third party payers. Conduct normal healthcare operations such as quality assessments and physician’s certifications. I have read and understand your Notice of Privacy Practices. A more complete description can be requested. I also understand that I can request, in writing, that you restrict how my personal information is used and or disclosed.

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